Wednesday, January 11, 2012

{2012 Here I come!! :) }

So I finally have ordered a camera....yay!  It is one of my goals to begin blogging regularly but my phone takes TERRIBLE pictures so I don't ever post!  So look for me to become a more regular blogger in about a week!

Anyhow, even though my blog looks like nothing has been going on in the new year, there is actually quite alot. I went through my poor quality phone pics thinking i would at least post one pic in this post and found several that need posting despite their nasty quality.

My girl turns two this month so I'm working hard and fast on a new blanket for her.

It will be big wonky stars in a plus quilt layout.  It will be minky backed and tied, possibly with batting?  Still deciding on that. ;) (and yes my sewing room is a disaster after making Christmas gifts...and has only slightly gotten better since this pic :))  The colors are terribly misrepresented.  My color desires for this quilt were to be oranges, pale pinks and some yellows.  It is close to that but I decided I was only going to use my stash and not buy any fabric to save money for the later mentioned project we are undertaking!

Also in my crafty endeavors, I've knitted myself a pair of fingerless mitts.  I'm making an identical pair for my mom and I am one mitt into that.  Here's the first pair I made:

It is using the AlignMitts pattern on with a few changes....of course.:)  I learned to take good notes on the changes that you do make because you might well forget what you did on the first one by the time you get there on the second....:/  And this poor quality pic does not at all do the color justice.  It is a beautiful Manos del Uruguay yarn with deep berry purples to soft barely pinks....kinda girly for me actually but it was such nice yarn!...and I had a gift card so couldn't resist!  oh the lack of self control....

And on the home front, we have bought some land that we hope to close on this week!  So we are embarking on a journey with building our home and setting up the place for our horses!  The contract was contingent upon finding adequate water, so here's a pic of our well being drilled.

I'm so excited to get going on our house.  You will likely be seeing lots of home diy projects on here as we take on this project with a tight budget. :)

I'll be back soon!

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