Thursday, March 8, 2012

Of quilts and houses... that we are well into does time fly by sooo quickly!  Yes I did get a fabulous camera and it takes fabulous pictures (way better than the crackberry).  Now if it would only sort edit and upload them to my blog for all to see!  I guess you get what you pay for right!?
Anyhow, we have stayed mad busy over here.  The end of January brought A's 2nd birthday bash, where all the grandparents and one great grandparent made it for the festivities of cake and smiles and gifts and vomit.... :) The stomach bug made its rounds the same weekend so the birthday girl had it the day before the festivities, I had it the day of and the hubs had it the following day.  Of course it didn't phase the tot in the least so the party went great!  I just retired early and let them party on!
We now have the foundation poured for our house and most of a shed for a horse or two.  The steel shell of the building should go up next week and then the hard labor (at least on our end) begins.  Blood sweat and tears baby!
I have done very little sewing lately.  But, I did manage to get the back made for A's quilt and sandwiched ready to be quilted.
I have pics of all these things...that need to be sorted, edited and uploaded to my blog....