Thursday, May 17, 2012

{{Fun little project}}

I've been up to LOTS of sewing lately.  But I just want to show you this fun little project I did the other day.  I found the tutorial over at A Spoonful of Sugar.  It's super simple and uber cute!!  

The smaller one I made for my makeup brushes and the houndstooth pouch I made for my sewing gadgets  that are usually strewn all over my sewing table. ;)  It doesn't have a zipper and I love how it keeps things contained but is really easy to get into.

Anywho, hoping to make a few more for fun little just because gifties for friends!  Back to my machine before my little wakes up!


  1. these are cute! looks simple enough, but i'm horrible with zippers!
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    1. Aw thanks! I love these little bags and they are a perfect project to dive into zippers!